Distant Papers[POEM]

For Romi 2/14/2018

Yearning for timeless words, enduring stories, and coffee stain fingertips, she called to her missing lover.

“ Why haven’t you been writing? She saId to the Pen.

“Surely you have a lot on your mind,” lamented the Pen’s muse.

“I do…” he replied. “With so much going on everyday, I’ve been absent from my own hand, from you...amor.”

“Wondering and wandering, right honey?” The distant paper smiled as she spoke.

“Indeed Love, Digesting, watching and thinking…”

“Good boy, now come home, come press your words upon me”

“Love is absent no more.” He wrote on her fair back in cursive. The paper shivered.

Paper and Pen..

Each other’s lovers.

Fueled by faith.

His mighty grip has returned. Returned to she. She, the all.

And I, the Pen.