22 Months Sober. "This Morning..."

This morning I woke...

...blessed by God. 

...to find myself praying for those who may not hold me in the best light. I prayed that God would bless their hearts and respective journeys. 

...to my girlfriend's warmth. 

...knowing honesty in all things is the only way.

...thinking about joining a church choir. 

...up to coffee and serenity of it's waking powers.

 ...thinking about the last time I had drink. August 20th, 2015.

 ...and meditated on the light fighting through vast regions of darkness.

...up healthy. 

...in love with music and laughter. 

...absolutely in honor and full of love for my parents. 

...to impermanence. Who I am today is not who I was yesterday nor who I will be tomorrow. 

...determined to help those men I see online who post for prayers while continually degrading women and themselves.

...missing tequila, Correlejo Anejo to be exact. 

...I looked into the mirror and saw a man determined to walk his walk.

...and thought how greatedul I was for my male friendships. Robert, Courtnee, Mario and Fernando. You all, in your own way, make me a better man. 

...dreaming of butteflies. 

...in love with writing. 

...wanting to tell every man who is struggling, there is help, go get it!

...amazed by the Romi's God given spiritual strength. 

...curious to what God has in store for me today.

...i woke. 

This morning I woke up sober. Praise God.


A gorgeous morning. The sun begins to peeps through clouds and fog.