Fall is Found. [POEM]

New found principles

fell into practice

with the arrival of the Northern winds.

New scuffs on knees

bent in humility


of prayer

of promise

of work.

All become stone harden and Winter ready.

Coffee cups covered and extra quilts line our giant wood shelter.

Fall is found

as is my new principles

my writer's hand

my free flow of feeling

and grout stain finger nails


Fall is warmth

fatigued muscles

cocina made pozole, tamales for all and end of the year cheer.

It's the sleepy depression of our days disappearing into early nights.

It's magic wrapped in finger wool gloves.

Dreams haunt the cabin’s heat

and crackle the chopped wood piles. 

Oh light!  Oh lovely Lord!

I’ve seen the seeds sown in those tangerine sunsets.

Perhaps all is not lost.

Perhaps an early thaw  

will create

miracles this fall.

Where nature reverses.

Scowls to smiles.

Lost faces to landscapes of generosity. 

Mouths put into practice of principles

yearning to be handed down

and taught to a young soul

whose fall has been found.