The time is now. If you need help or services, there are some awesome resources in the GET section. If you want to be of service on any level, check out my GIVE section as well. God be with you all.


Austin - RECOVERY.ORG - from recovery to rehab, detox to daily 12 step meetings, this is a fantastic resource page if you are in Austin, Tx. Please use it!

Austin - REHAB.COM - More meetings, more Doctors that can help. Wonderful!

Texas Advocates from Justice. Mission Statement - Texas Advocates for Justice is on a mission to end the criminalization of our communities, to break down barriers to reentry from jail and prison in Texas, and to demolish the legacy of racism in the criminal justice system. TAJ unites formerly incarcerated individuals, their families, people of all faiths, and allies to build safe and resilient communities through organizing, leadership training, and connections to community resources. The winner on this site are the timely articles. From how to meditate to finding jobs after rehab, these psots are well written and really informative. This site is a great resource of treatment centers, hotlines and education on addiction and abuse.

Second Chance Democrats I happy to support this awesome group of formerly incarcerated people and their allies. We all need allies right? Especially when looking for work. THey just won a great battle for Fair Chance hiring here in Austin. FULL STORY HERE.

Dr. Alan Turley, PhD. - Male counselor. I cannot recommend Alan highly enough. I spent some crucial years in his services.

Austin Mental Health Services

XOC - XOffender Council - a member-driven organization that allow formerly incarcerated individuals to connect, learn about taking an active role in advocacy for themselves and their community

Austin M.O.V.E. Forward - whose mission is to provide supportive services for individuals with criminal backgrounds. Hire us now!

PJL Prison Justice League -  works to improve conditions in Texas prisons through litigation, advocacy, and empowering its members.

 Seedling Foundation  - offers mentors to the children of incarcerated parents.

Suicide Hotline

The Wright House - To improve the lives of Central Texans living with, at risk for, and affected by HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis C through outreach, education, health and holistic services, and care coordination.



If "Hope," ever had a place to live and breath its a Homeboy Industries. From job training and placement, Homeboy works with ex-cons and reformed gang members. Check out their "Thought of the Day," videos.

Fair Chance Texas - Ensuring people with convictions have a fair chance to WORK.


Seedling Foundation - Become a mentor now!

Mission Possible - A non-denominational organization mobilizes Christians to share the hope of Christ with people in the inner city. Features children's programs and summer camps.


Since 2009, I have been a member of this amazing church. When in Austin, please come to service with us. Pastors Gaylon Clark and Vecente Coatney have been key to my recovery from a Godless life. Thank you GMZ!

When I visit my hometown of Los Angeles this is my go to church. Pastor Erwin is simply incredible.