Los Lobos. 10 Greatest Songs of All Time. [SONG/VIDEO]

Just another band from East L.A.

Just another band from East L.A.

In celebration of their first studio album, Gates of Gold, in five years, I've complied my favorite ten Lobos tunes of All time! But first lend your ears to a few of their new tunes from Gates!

La Tumba.

Song of the Sun. 

Make sure to read No Depression Magazine's ARTICLE on the new album. Not only does it give a great history wrap of the boys since the 70's, but features some great interviews from Louis Perez and Steve Berlin. Viva Los Lobos!


1.Be Still


2. Kiko

3. Saint Behind the Glass

4. Arizona Skies

5. A Matter of Time

6. One Time One Night

7. Jupiter or the Moon

8. Luna

9. The Valley

10. Good Morning Aztlan